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So College.

28 Mar

Almost every college student struggles to make it work. Are you the one who anxiously awaits payday so that you can buy groceries?

Many of us are broke, working and scrounging up some change for food. This leaves zilch for a designer clad and fashion-forward wardrobe. With that said, I’ve put together a list of my favorite places to shop because I too am that broke, college student who will always love good fashion finds!

So, let’s talk fashion on a college budget:

1. Lauren Conrad

  •  FAVORITE. Her spring 2012 line is just absolutely fabulous. I am in love with the colors. She has pretty pale pinks, mints, creams, light lavender, and corals as her main color palates. These are perfect for spring and summer. This past Saturday I went shopping while I was home and I bought the cutest cream chiffon trimmed blazer with a bright mint pleated tank. I wore it the first chance I got and loved it.
  • Her clothes are reasonably priced and of good quality. I’ve had a few pieces for over a year now and I wear them quite a bit and they’re still in great shape!
NOTE: Check the tags though (this is true for all clothing brands though) and watch out for rayon because it tends to shrink a lot in the wash. Rayon is super soft and it’s a great fabric to wear (if you’re never washing it…eww) so if you just can’t live without the piece, buy a size up and after washing it will fit like the smaller size.
2. TJ Maxx
  • Everyone knows TJ Maxx. Who doesn’t want to be a maxxinista and save money?
  • You can get some great deals if you hit the store at the right time. If you live in a larger city the quality and selection is much better than small town stores. They have more brand names and more seasonal styles.
  • I am a HUGE fan of their shoe department. Over the years I’ve gotten BCBG, Nike, Nine West, Aldo, Ralph Lauren, and a few other designer brands for prices under $30. Now, that’s my kind of steal. I love love love shoes and if I can get designer ones at a major discount, watch out.
3. Thrift Stores (example: Philadelphia’s Buffalo Exchange)
  •  Thrifting is a fabulous way to save money and find some unique pieces. I’ve had some great experiences in the Philadelphia area. I bought the most amazing light gray wide, double buckle belt about a month ago for $8! I just can’t get enough of it.
  • Yes, you do have to look and be conscious of what you’re choosing. However, you have the chance to get some nice items at great prices. Buffalo Exchange had an awesome purse/tote collection, as well as earrings and belts. Basically, I really enjoyed their accessories department. You are able to find both retro and modern pieces if you have the patience and time. Check out your local thrift scene, I bet you won’t be sorry.
4.  H&M
  • Everyone is always buzzing about H&M. They are fashion-forward, but affordable. I bought an oversize navy button-down with a long chain necklace (with a great, individual painted bead) for $16. Now, I’d say that is a deal. Right now, H&M has cute, spring dresses and tops all in the bright colors for the season. You can mix and match different pieces to create your own spring style.
  •  I am a fan of their accessories department, in particular, the bags. I’m currently looking for a messenger tote for my summer internship and I don’t have much money to spend. H&M has some great spring bags which I’m definitely going to check out in the next few weeks. You should too!

Now, this is just a short-list of my favorite places to shop on a college budget. I’m sure there are more out there with equally great deals, you just have to find them! Like I always say, you don’t need a lot to look straight out of the fashion mag…


Color Me Happy

26 Feb

My mind is buzzing with ideas. What colors will I wear this spring?!

Now, of course I love to incorporate colors and fashions from the runways into my daily style. I just bought the most fabulous light gray belt with a double buckle (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G). I got this great find at Buffalo Exchange in Center City Philadelphia. I’ll definitely be back for great clothing at prices which compliment my broke college budget!

 #1 rule: No matter what the “trends” are, I find that staying true to your color-identity is most important because you have to wear things that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Embrace your favorites and possibly add in the season color trends (expand your wardrobe’s color palate).

My fav spring 2012 colors: Mint, Pale pinks, and Blue hues

Mint is so adorable. It is the perfect amount of spring to add to your wardrobe! Here is a great way to incorporate mint into your spring/summer collection. There is a balance between colors which ties them all together in perfect harmony (yes, that sounds totally cheesy…but it’s true).

Pale Pinks are my favorite new shade. I love the girly vibe and the sophistication of these hues. Pinks are always a great color for spring and summer because they are light and feminine. I love the warm colors of fall and winter…ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you Winter is my favorite season because of the clothes, but I just can’t resist adding pale pinks into my wardrobe. I recently bought the most fabulous mauve boyfriend blazer. I can’t get enough of it. Then, because I was on a total “pink-out” I purchased an oversize cropped button up top (so difficult to explain, but such a great piece). It is the softest thing I think I’ve owned in a while and I’m obsessed with pairing it together with a long gold Betsy Johnson chain necklace with an eclectic purple feather. Thank you best friend for that Christmas present, it’s so unbelievably perfect.

So, pale pink is perfect for spring. Embrace these girly hues!


Blue. By far, blue is my favorite color. I own it in every shade. I love them all. Cobalts are a bright, vibrant blue perfect for spring and summer. You can pair them with different shades of blue. My favorite fashion trick is to pair a navy top with a cobalt accessory. The accessory pops on the dark top and it is just such a fun combination. Another great spring color is definitely pale blues. They are light, airy and superbly summer.


Always remember that fashion is about trying new things and finding what is right for you! It’s about defining your personality through the pieces you wear and bringing everything to life.

Don’t be shy, be fabulous and fierce.