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It’s About That Time

16 May

Wow. I went on a little hiatus there, with the end of school and everything. It’s time to get back on the horse.

Recently, I have been exploring the wonderful world of business clothing. My upcoming internship requires business casual attire and since my personal style is more fun and cute, I thought it was time to expand into the professional atmosphere.

I put together a “Top 5” for the most essential business pieces in your wardrobe:

1. A basic black pant

[The Limited Drew Collection Pant]


I recommend black or navy for pants because they are basic and professional…both bootleg and ankle pants are extremely versitile.

2. A fitted button-down shirt

 [Banana Republic Button-Down Top] 

This will go with skirts and pants, made for both business casual and professional atmospheres…

3. Cardigans

 [Banana Republic Cardigan] 

A cardigan is a great way to cover up at the office, but in the summertime you can toss it in your bag and not worry about it until you’re inside. You can play it up with a skinny belt or a cute, yet professional top underneath. Both patterned and solid cardigans (don’t be afraid to through bright colors into the mix) are great options for a business casual wardrobe.

4. Blazer

 [Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s Black Blazer] 

This is a piece which can be worn for a professional work event/meeting, as well as in a casual setting or even on jean days. Basically, having a blazer in a solid color such as black, navy, khaki, or gray should be an essential piece in all female wardrobe. I love blazers because they add are versitile and easy to dress up or down. I have a mauve blazer which is great with jeans or a skirt, but a black blazer can be worn with almost anything and is a great office essential.

5. A basic pump

[Mercanti Fiorentini Women’s Leather Pump-can be found on DSW.com]

 [Bandolino Getonby Nude Wedge]

This could be in a few different colors: black, brown, and gray are all extremely versitile for all seasons. Recently, I purchased a nude wedge and this is a great piece for summertime and it goes with everything.

If you keep these 5 pieces in mind for you business wardrobe, you’ll be sleek and sophisticated in and out of the office. Don’t be afraid to play with color. It’s important to have basic blacks and navy, but spice things up with pops of color (tops, necklaces, cardigans, etc.)