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In a world of Size 2…Real Women Deserve Recognition

19 Apr

I read an article yesterday on Kim Kardashian and Photoshop. First, I just want to say that she looked beautiful in both pictures.

Photoshop has distorted the way we view beauty in our society. Today, we expect everyone to be perfectly airbrushed in real-life. That just isn’t reasonable nor is it rational. Kim K, alongside other celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have capitalized on their curves. Personally, I’m one hundred percent supportive because no one can realistically or healthily look like the twig which Hollywood has marketed over the last decade (there’s a difference between this and those individuals who are naturally thin).   The average American woman is not a size 0. With over 8 million American girls/women and 1 million men suffering from eating disorders, one look at a magazine is a dead giveaway for WHY. (These statistics are not consistent because many do not receive any form of treatment) It’s gotten to the point where we think that unless we are tall, long-legged, and twiggy that we aren’t worthy.

    A twitter picture that Kim K. posted

What should we be doing?

The media should be capitalizing and recognizing women with curves. There shouldn’t be such backlash on celebrities and their weight. It’s as though the public thinks they are super-human when in actuality they are real people with real bodies. They don’t deserve constant scrutiny based on their weight. Women like Kim K who embrace their curves are inspiring because in a world where size 2 seems unacceptable, female icons such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and my favorite First Lady Michelle Obama are what I want to see on the covers of magazines.


Designers I adore: Jason Wu

11 Feb

Jason Wu is one of my favorite designers. I first fell in love in January 2009 when Michelle Obama stepped out in his gown for the Inaugural Ball, but more recently I’ve fallen  for his perfectly tailored designs which play on femininity and strength. I love that he tapped into his cultural roots in the Autumn/Winter 2012 line. The warm colors and structural designs are perfect for fall. All of these reasons are why I am over the moon excited for the Target Collection he just launched because now I can finally afford a little piece of Wu!!!

Some media sources considered Michelle Obama’s choice to wear a Wu design on multiple occasions (Barbara Walters special and a Vogue cover shoot) are the reason for his career launch, but I just think she just has an amazing taste for fashion and went with the best designer. Now, maybe I’m a little bias in the First Lady’s favor, but I find that she is a style icon and one of the best dressed females in the public sphere. I love her daring choices and her ability to transform herself from collected and casual to gorgeous in designer gowns.


Everything which I had predicted as a trend for the upcoming fall season, Wu hit spot on. He utilized velvets, military inspiration, bold colors (red!), cinched waists, and draping. I’m such a fan of military (as evident from my previous post) and bold colors never fail. I mean, color blocking is going to be everywhere this season (shoes, accessories, and apparel). Cinched waists are a great way to create proportion and they almost always make an outfit look better (a friend pointed out to me that Jane in Abc Family’s Jane by Design is a perfect example of how belts can make the look). The draping element is something that I love to see on runways and on red carpets. There’s something delicate about it which I’m drawn to.

Here are some of my favorite Jason Wu looks from the Autumn/winter 2012 line:




I’ll leave you with this thought:

“Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity”