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Don’t be Caught in These Summer Fashion Don’ts

18 Apr

Every Summer I see the same things over and over. I always think to myself, “why would anyone wear that?” Well, here are a few things that are more trash-ion than fash-ion:

1. Super short-shorts

I’m not quite sure that anyone wants to see that. You know how they say keep something to the imagination? … yea maybe keep some of it covered too when you’re in public. I don’t care if you’re a size 2 or a size 12, inappropriately short shorts are just tacky. Now, I’ve heard the motto “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” before and if you’ve got legs as tall as me, go for it…but there will always be something intriguing about a girl who is put together and leaving a little something to the imagination.

2. Inappropriate clothing 

You probably shouldn’t whip out your lowest vneck or backless halter when you’re at church. That would be an extremely poor fashion choice. It may be summer, but all your class doesn’t have to fly out the window. There are plenty of clothing options that can keep you cool in the blistering heat and yes, you can still show off all your fabulous assets; just do it at the right time. However, the right time would probably not be when you are at the playground when you’re baby-sitting or out to dinner with your parents. Be realistic and rational. It seems like the heat makes people wear crazy things. Really, is this necessary? Anyways, flowing maxi-dress or sundress are probably a much better option when its 100 degrees.

3. Foam flip-flops

We all have them. They’re not the problem…the problem is how people wear them. I’ve never been a fan except for in the freshman dorm showers at college… Just because it is summer time does not mean you need to wear flip flops everywhere. If you’re out to dinner at a nice restaurant or at a more formal gathering, the bar, work, etc. you probably should have on a nicer sandal (i.e. flip flops that aren’t made out of foam…wedges and flats are always great options and they can still be comfortable). There is a time and a place for your “beloved” foam flops.

4. Tanning

Your skin is one of your best assets. So, take care of it. When you spend hours in the sun not only are you risking Skin Cancer, but you might end up being a leather-y as your purse. ICK.

5. Socks with Sandals

We’ve been over this before. It’s just not acceptable.

6. Dress for YOUR body type

This is the most important rule…Don’t wear something just because it’s been in every magazine of the season. Wear it because it looks good and makes you feel confident. Not everyone is meant for bikinis and daisy dukes. A sundress might be the perfect summer look for you.